The only cooking mat that won't melt

Protect your stove-top from baked on food and scratches with the LoMi cooktop mat
Designed and engineered for electrical ranges

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Heat resistant

Heat resistant up to 1800°F.


Dishwasher safe

No special cleaners or extra work, just put it in the dishwasher with your pots and pans.


Environmentally friendly

No need to use harmful cleaning agents anymore.

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Fits All Brands

Take care of your expensive electrical range. LoMi fits all ceramic cooktops, Samsung, Frigidair, KitchenAid and any other brand.

No Scratches
No Mess

Imagine cooking without worrying about scraping burnt food off the ceramic cooktop. Without fear of scratching the glass your cooktop is made of and without the mess at the end of cooking.

Non-Silicone, Heat Resistant

LoMi can handle temperatures up to 1800°F
so your pots will melt before it does.

  • Hands down the best investment I ever made. John Smith
  • I only wish that I had bought two! Elizabeth Young
  • Saved me a lifetime of cleaning! Robert Moore