Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will LoMi catch fire?

No, LoMi is made from a totally inorganic material and is engineered to withstand temperatures of 1800F with excursions to 3000F.In comparison aluminum melts at 1200F and steel around 2400F, so you totally safe with LoMi.

2. Can I cook directly on LoMi?

No, LoMi is not silicon base baking mat. Use LoMi only with the intent of protecting the glass cooktop during the cooking process.

3. Can I clean LoMi in the washing machine?

We do not recommend it. Clean LoMi in the dishwasher only.

4. Dark spots are begining to appear on the LoMi.

This is normal. After using LoMi for a certain period of time the dropped food during the cooking process will burn and brown dark spots will appear on it. After washing the spots will fade, but will not disappear. This will not affect the properties of LoMi and you can continue using it. The dark spots are proof that LoMi is working, without it those would be on your glass cooktop.

5. How do I begin using LoMi?

Simply clean your cooktop and place the LoMi on top before cooking. Wash it in the dishwasher as needed.

6. Is LoMi waterproof?

No LoMi is not waterproof.

7. Can I use LoMi for gas or other ranges?

No, LoMi is intended for use ONLY on glass top electrical ranges.