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Your cooktop apron

Non-Silicone, Heat Resistant

The LoMi Cooktop Mat is the only mat for electrical, ceramic and induction flat cooktops. Heat resistant from 1050°F to 2000°F

All our products are Kosher certified.

Also our mats are Passover and blech products. 

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Please note: We are only able to provide LoMi Version 2.0 at this time.
Version 1.0 has been discontinued 

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What's new in version 3.0

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LoMi ver.4 Intro/Instructions

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LoMi ver.4 Intro/Instructions

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LoMi ver 5 Intro/Instructions

"I like this product, because it does its job. I have a ceramic top stove, and because of this mat, I have a scratch free cook top and  I do not have to use anything to clean off the spills from cooking. I definately would recommend it."


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