"This is a remarkable product, unique on the market and so amazingly simple and yet incredibly innovative. It sure made my wife very happy because she can now relax when I'm cooking which is always, seemingly, a traumatic event. I've always thought that it was just a rare event but, well...
Now with Lomi mats - no more scratches on the oven top, no more splatter, no more mess. And I get to play "master chef" without giving my wife a seizure, and everybody's happy!

What makes Lomi stand out even more lay not solely in a great product that you pay for and get it delivered to your mailbox box - no, you also get fantastic customer service - very helpful and kind people - but at the same beautifully and refreshingly outspoken and honest. I suppose I've gotten all too used to "we're experiencing some logistical difficulties" as standard communication. 

You know what I got from Lomi? 

“We don't have the stuff right now - but we'll have it in one month. I'll refund you now and let you know when we have it in one month so you can order again." I like that. It reassures me that there's a human being on the other side of the email. And it also makes me feel that I'm being treated like one too. Thanks, Vince!

Thank you Lomi - for everything!"
—Stjepan K. Kracun, PhD
Author (Mental Eclipse Blog, https://skkracun.blogspot.com/)

"I purchased 2 of these mats this time last year. I just opened the 2nd one the other day and didn't want to go without having a new one on hand.
This product is a comfort for my family and me. I have bragged to other family members and friends on how well it works."

" the lack of abuse on the stove  is evident..."

" Love the mat. Waiting until you have the 12 inch mats in stock."