F.A.Q - LoMi ver.2.0

1. I’m afraid it will catch on fire.

LoMi is made from a totally inorganic material and is engineered to withstand temperatures of 1050F with excursions to 1200F. In comparison aluminum melts at 1200F so you are totally safe with LoMi. 

2. Can I cook raw food on LoMi?

NO. Definitely not, LoMi  is not a silicon base baking matt. Use LoMi only with the intent of protecting the glass top during the cooking process.

3. Can I clean LoMi in the washing machine?

We do not recommend it.

4. I got dark spots on LoMi

After using LoMi for a certain period of time, the dropped food during the cooking process will burn and brown dark spots will appear on it, which is normal. This will not affect the properties of LoMi and you can continue using it. The dark spots prove that  LoMi is working, without it those spots would be on your glass top instead. LoMi doesn’t have a design purpose.

5. How I can start using LoMi?

Clean your glass top as good as you can and start using LoMi. You will notice the difference and benefits immediately.

6. Is LoMi waterproof?

No LoMi  is not waterproof.

7. Can I use LoMi in a different manner?

LoMi is intended to be used ONLY as protection for the glass top electrical/induction range during the cooking process.

8. Tips

A couple of tips for new users to make your mats last longer:

  1. Do not drag your post or pans across your glass cooktop with the mats underneath. You run the risk of tearing the mat (especially if you use heavy cast iron). Always lift the pot or pan and then move the mat to where you want it.
  2. If you get grease on the mat, simply lay the mat flat in the sink, pour some liquid soap on the mat and use your sprayer with hot water to wash the mats. Rinse off all the soap with the sprayer and then drip dry.
  3. Do not use the dishwasher,washing machine,hand wash to clean your mat as it will tear.
  4. Do not wring the mat or use a scrubber on the mat as it could tear the mat or start separating the fibers (which will later lead to tears in the mat).
  5. When you are done cooking and after removing the pot or pan from the mat, remove the mat from the hot cooktop. It will let your cooktop cool faster.

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